That rare “inner” beauty

Reflected SwanSo what is inner beauty? I’m not talking about someone’s goodness which is what most people mean when they mention someone’s inner beauty.  I’m talking about the feminine attractiveness that oozes out of some people, regardless of their physical features, that captivates and allures people.

I don’t think that many people have this quality.  There are many people who are physically attractive and there are many people who are good and intelligent and interesting but none of these necessarily gives you that alluring inner beauty that is dazzling to anyone in your presence.

I know I don’t have this quality but I have basked in the light of someone else’s inner beauty and it is unmistakable although hard to define.

Inner beautyThe person I know with this quality is not the most attractive person naturally. She is a little over weight and doesn’t have the most refined features. She is, however, a very feminine person and enjoys wearing nice clothes, make-up and always does her hair well. Despite not always being the most physically attractive woman in the room, men and women seem to gravitate towards her.  She is natural and at ease. She is extremely intelligent, very accomplished, warm and genuinely interested in other people. She has a real mother earth quality to her where you can feel her wholesomeness and feel nourished by her energy.

None of this is contrived. I think we are unconsciously aware of and desire this quality but  when we try to force it, it can come across as anything from to a bit (or a lot) of a bimbo to just fake

I think one of the catch 22’s is that the more you try, the more you are aware of yourself but from what I have noticed, to be truly inwardly alluring you almost need to have your attention on other people/things and not too much on yourself.

This is a quality that I am looking forward to analyzing as I witness it and read about it further, who knows, maybe one day I will be able to describe it in terms of step by step instructions to how to bring it out from inside of you.

But for now I’m going to enjoy discovering it in other people and hope that some of it rubs off on me.

Do you know anyone with this kind of inner beauty? What can you tell us about how they achieve it?

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